7 Activities that Boost Your Creativity

There is a common misconception that only artists, writers, filmmakers, and designers need to be creative. And there is truth in that statement because they need to be creative at work. However, scientists also should be creative to achieve groundbreaking achievements, but, creativity offers benefits to anyone. Once you engage your creativity, you could employ creative thinking in solving problems at work, and in life as well. Moreover, the more creative you are, the happier you will be because being creative can boost your mood and make you take on a positive outlook on life. For that reason, we have gathered several activities that you can do to increase your creativity.

Exercise daily

Many people think that the only benefit from exercising is being healthy or losing weight. However, working out for half an hour during the day can be a creativity booster, especially if you engage in working on different muscle groups on different days. That way, you will need to get creative in choosing exercises, planning your workout session, and as a result, become more creative in other aspects of your daily life. Moreover, exercise is a natural mood booster, which is one of the reasons why many people work out and train every day without breaks.

Listening to music

music-girlMusic is one of the best things you can do to boost your creativity. Many people spend their days listening to music, which is not surprising considering music can also make us feel better when we are dealing with problems, and inspires us to dance and move by default. Also, ambient music at a low volume playing in the background can enhance your creative thinking and make your workday easier and more entertaining. So, next time your colleague suggest background music, just say yes and witness the benefits.

On the other hand, complete silence can make you feel isolated and limited. While silence is beneficial in focusing, concentrating and intensive problem-solving tasks, when it comes to being creative, you will feel better surrounded by the kind of buzz found at cafes and coffee shops. No wonder writers always seem to frequent them!

Taking walks and traveling

You might not be a fan of taking daily walks, and prefer to use your car or public transportation to move around your city. However, if you decide to walk at least for half an hour during the day, you will get plenty of benefits. For starters, you will get better sleep at night. Also, if you can, take your walks away from the bustle of the city, or walk around the local park. You will get to see that walks are perfect for releasing stress, and as such, releasing your creative side, which thrives when you are calm and not feeling under pressure.

Travelling, on the other hand, has a much more direct impact on creativity. When you go to a foreign country, you get to meet the locals, and learn about a new culture and even embark on learning a new language. Just by witnessing a different way of life, you will get to think of ways that you can improve on your own. Since traveling is unpredictable by nature, when you embark on a trip, you need to become more flexible and learn how to come up with creative solutions to possible problems, which, naturally, will enhance your creativity and make you appreciate the comforts of home at the same time.

Time for your hobbies

Hobbies are activities that we do because we enjoy doing them. We do not do them for work, or because we are obliged to, but because they bring us joy. As such, make sure that you get to spend at least half an hour a day doing what you love, no matter whether it is painting, singing, or playing video games. You might like visiting online casinos, like novocasinos, or you might prefer to play puzzle games. The choice is yours, and our advice is not to forget that, despite all of your obligations, you need to save time for yourself.

Dim the lights

If you need to release your creative side on purpose, you can try dimming the lights around you. Of course, if you wish to paint, you need the optimal light that will allow visibility. With that intention, you could dim the ambient around you. Dim lighting takes you away from the spotlight and gives you the illusion of being free to conduct any activity. As such, when you dim the lights, you feel loose to embark on your project, and your creativity will roam free along with you.

Set up creative limits

The opposite of feeling free, having creative boundaries can also make it easier for you to be creative in your project. For example, if you cannot make a decision which road to take to complete your piece, setting up creative limits will save you from having too many choices. Moreover, having creative limits forces you to work within a margin, which enhances your creative problem-solving skills, which will benefit you in any field. You can set the margins for yourself, or you can ask someone else to do it for you. However, keep in mind that if there is a need, you can and should break the limits to achieve the greatest effect.

Immerse in colors


Color psychology is a field unto itself, and researchers and scientists have already established that colors can affect our minds tremendously. For example, red makes us think of danger and action, while blue has a calming effect. Additionally, when you need to work fast, focus, and concentrate on a problem, you can use red because it helps increase focus and action. To release your creativity, you can experiment with coloring your surroundings. You can paint the walls of your workspace blue – which will make you feel calm and enable you to be freely creative. Green also has a positive effect on creativity, according to some researchers. Of course, you do not need to paint your office to increase your creativity, but you can change your environment in different ways. Adding a plant in your office, or simply wearing a blue shirt can make you more creative and increase your performance.


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