The soundtrack of slots

Gambling has changed in the past twenty years, especially the slot machines. They are no longer the one-armed bandits of the land-based casinos, where the players used to crank the lever on the side to play. Today, it’s all about interactive touchscreens and many different themes, and more than three reels – from five, and even ten or more reels which can be found on online slot machines in online casinos such as Godwin Casino. If in the older days, the sounds and music of the machine were limited to the workings behind the screen with the reels, today, since most of the land based and online slot machines are powered by CPUs, music has become quite an interesting element of slot machines, and incorporated the gameplay itself in a very interesting manner.

Listen to different music tracks of your choice

Well, slot machines today are not the classical things of the past. You have different themes that differ, from TV shows to music artists, movies, and even games. They are all accompanied by music that is easily associated with that specific TV show, like the online slot machine with South Park theme, Game of Thrones, and even Motorhead. The interesting thing is that some of them actively involve the music in the slot machine. For example, the Dolly Parton slot machine, which is a land based casino slot machine, features Dolly Parton songs in the background, and a small music player on the right corner, where you can choose which Dolly Parton music track you wish to listen to. Another interesting element of the Dolly Parton slot machines is how you get to rate her music and give awards to win bonuses – from free spins to other bonuses that can lead up to the big bonus on the slot machine.

Feel like a winner

Music in slot machines is very entertaining, because it’s been designed to make the players spend more time and enjoy themselves while they do so. That’s why losses in slot machines are simply not acknowledged by the music, while even the smallest win is accompanied by a whooping sound. This is especially present in slot machines that have more than three reels and where a player can win in many different combinations. Each one is celebrated as a win, while the missed spins and losses are simply not acknowledged, and the usual music loop continues on in the background with the next spin. Winning sounds can be whoops, exclamations form different characters as you win, which is the case with the South Park online themed slot machine – each time you win, depending on the size of your win, a different South Park characters exclaims happily before the next spin is played. Which is why when you spend time at a slot machine, you do not feel like a loser, you only feel like a player or a winner.

Be a part of the show

When it comes to theme slot machines, some of the most entertaining ones are the ones that feature a pop star or a rock band. Case in point here is presented by the Michael Jackson slot machine, and the ZZ Top, respectively. While they are quite different in terms of gameplay, and of course, the music, the one thing they both have in common is how they make you feel like a part of the show – or attending a concert. Since all slot machines are interactive today, the ZZ Top slot machine has a bonus section called Sharp Dressed Man, which is one of their most famous songs, and you get to choose your sharp dressed man clothes and win different bonuses, while, of course, the song plays in the background. The Michael Jackson slot machine accepts your money and the famous Michael Jackson squeal goes off – and just like that, you become immersed in the show of Michael Jackson. During gameplay, you have different bonuses based on Beat It and Smooth Criminal, and as the reels turn, you get a video of Michael Jackson dancing, giving you wilds as he moves. Also, as you play, Michael Jackson might moonwalk along and give you random bonuses, while the music in the background will have you humming along to your favorite songs.

Different bonuses – different video clips

While not all slot machines that feature a music artist or a rock band will feature different video clips, most of them do. Depending on the size of your bonus, you get to watch a different video of the artist or band performing some of their most famous hits on stage. It’s a lot more interesting than the old ka-ching sound of counting coins, but don’t worry, you still get to hear the counting of your credits – only you get to watch the artist perform on stage as you do so. Basically, if slot machines were a source of entertainment when they were activated by a lever and had only three reels, today, that level of entertainment is brought to the highest degree. Today, both online and land based slot machines involve more and more music artists and bands as the theme of the machine, and different video clips for different achievements and bonuses in game only make for a more exciting experience.

The music always follows the game

You don’t need to play a themed slot machine based off of a TV show, a movie, or a rock band like Guns n’ Roses to enjoy a game accompanied by good music. Today, every slot machine, both online and land based, features music that is unique and follows the game. So, if you’re playing an adventure based slot machine that features Egypt, pyramids and hidden treasures, you’re bound to hear background music that is both suitable for a slot machine but has oriental, ancient Egypt feel to it. On the other hand, if the gameplay involves crystals, or stars, you will hear music that fits the gameplay and the setting, while adventure, nature games will have the occasional bird or a coyote sound. Unless you’re playing a classic slot machine, the music in most slot machines will follow the game and the gameplay, and give you both visual and auditory entertainment. It’s the reason why it’s been said that slot machines and music simply go hand in hand.


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