Watch Green Day Perform ‘Bang Bang’ on the tonight show

Green Day burnt the Tonight Show phase with their rowdy punk single “Bang Bang” on Thursday. Billie Joe Armstrong eyed while letting loose raw power chords as Tré Cool battered his set with the strength of 2 drummers.

“Bang Bang” highlights the rock experts’ 12th workshop cd, Revolution Radio, out Friday, October 7th. Armstrong created the stealthily troubling track from the viewpoint of a mass shooter, as he described to Rolling Stone.

“It regards the society of mass capturing that occurs in America combined with egotistical social media sites,” he stated. “There’s this kind of craze taking place, yet it’s additionally currently being recorded and all of us have ourselves under monitoring. To me, that is so twisted. To obtain right into the mind of a person like that was weird. It freaked me out. After I had created it, all I wished to do was obtain that from my mind because it simply freaked me out.”

Green Day self-produced Revolution Radio, their initial given that 2012’s ¡ Tré! as well as Armstrong’s succeeding rehabilitation job for prescription tablet dependency.

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