Which are the best wireless headsets for music?

Music is part of our daily lives. Some people actually refuse to leave their house without their headsets or headphones, because walking and commuting for longer periods can be very dull without listening to music. Moreover, people listen to music when they go jogging or exercising, and having a cord dangling from your headset when you move can interfere with the exercise, while wireless headsets keep your hands free and you are able to move whichever way you want.

The best way to listen to music these days is on wireless headsets. You have your hands free, and you do not have to carry your phone, iPod, or tablet around because there is no cord connecting your headset to your device. As such, wireless headphones are necessary for any music lover. So, how do you choose the best wireless headset for music?

Today, wireless headsets come in many sizes and forms. Below, we have analyzed some of the best features of the best wireless headsets. Brand and quality are some of the most important features of a wireless headset, but so are type, noise cancelling, and price.

1.    Type of wireless headsets

There are two types of wireless headsets, infrared and Bluetooth. Headsets that use infrared to transmit the sound from your phone will need a clear line of sight to work. In other words, infrared wireless headsets will not work if your device is in your bag, or if you leave the room.

Bluetooth wireless headsets are much better in that regard. They use a digital radio signal to transmit the sound from your device within a short range. Therefore, if your phone is in your bag, the Bluetooth wireless headsets will transmit the sound without a problem, and they will not stop playing music if you leave the room, which means you can walk around your home listening to music without a problem.

2.    Battery life

Battery life is a very important feature of wireless headsets. It is easy enough to assume why, for you do not want to listen to music for an hour and then need to recharge the headset. Moreover, if you spend a lot of time during the day outdoors and are not able to charge your headset, you will want the type of wireless headset that will allow you to listen to music without worrying that the battery will run out. The best wireless headsets have long battery lives that can range from over 16 to over 24 hours. Lower quality headsets might be cheaper, but they offer battery life of only eight hours or less, which is not very desirable. Eight hours is still a decent amount of battery life if you do not have the funds for a pair that lasts 24 hours or more.

3.    Noise cancelling

Noise cancelling is another feature of the best wireless headsets of today. Headsets that do not have a noise-cancelling feature need to play music at a higher volume for the best music listening experience. This can damage your hearing, which is why many music devices today warn users when the volume of the music they are playing is too high. Of course, you can choose to listen to music on a lower volume. In that situation, you will also hear outside sounds that will interfere with the music, like traffic noise, trains, and conversations.

A noise-cancelling feature will make any wireless headsets the perfect headsets for people who wish to enjoy listening to music anywhere, at any time, without interruptions. The best benefit is that you can listen to music at a lower volume, and still get clear sound without interference from outside sounds.

4.    Comfort and shape

Comfort is a largely ignored feature when it comes to buying wireless headsets. Most people will look at the price and the features of a headset, and decide to buy it without worrying about whether the headset will be comfortable to use or not. There are two types of headsets when it comes to shape, called on-ear headsets, and over-ear headsets. On-ear headsets are smaller, and are often collapsible, which makes them easier to carry around and use outdoors.

Over-ear headsets are bigger and bulkier, and the shell envelops the whole ear. On one hand, they will probably be more comfortable to wear due to having bigger padding, but on the other hand, they might not be suitable to wear outdoors due to their size and bulkiness.

5.    Sound

Sound is the most important feature of a headset. The early wireless headsets used to provide sound that was of lower quality, compared to corded headsets. However, technology has improved and most of the famous brands like Beats by Dre, Bose, Sony and others have developed Bluetooth wireless headsets that provide sound of the highest quality. When it comes to shape, on-ear headphones have open backs, and as such, allow for sound leakage and have lesser noise-cancelling features, which often interferes with the quality of the sound. Over-ear headsets, on the other hand, have closed backs that envelop the whole ear. They prevent sound leakage and prevent outside sounds from interfering with the quality of the sound. Additionally, over-ear headsets are often more expensive and of higher quality compared to on-ear headsets, and provide deeper bass tones and clearer sounds in general. Check the video below for some more info.

6.    Price

When it comes to actually buying a wireless headset, you should be prepared to spend a considerable amount if you want to get high quality sound. Ideally, you could find headsets at a decent price; however, you might not be satisfied with the sound. Also, make sure that you read reviews and opinions of people who already use the type of headset you are thinking of getting before making the final decision, because you need to make sure that you will get what you will pay for. With headsets, you always get what you pay for. You might find it tempting to get cheap knock-off wireless headsets, but they will probably suffer low battery life, have no noise-cancelling feature, and not provide quality sound. If you are ready to pay a considerable amount for a pair of wireless headsets, then see if you can test them before buying them. That way you will be certain of the sound quality, and be able to feel whether you would be comfortable wearing them for extended periods.



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